About Atlanta Advertising Novelty Company

Founded in 1918 by Walter L. Richard as Atlanta Novelty Company, we have continued as a closely held corporation through three generations. Purchased in 1961 by Marcus M. Morris Sr., Mr. Richard remained with the company as a salesman until his death in 1971 at the age of 81. Mr. Richard was truly a “traveling” salesman, as he started the company as a calendar salesman, covering the Southeast, for American Calendar. As the years progressed, his “novelties” included pencils and yard sticks. A tour through the offices will show you many of these antique promotional products, and how they are still important tools today. Marc Morris Sr. took control of the company from 1961-1997. Mr. Morris dedicated himself to expand the company over the years by building customer relationships and providing unparalleled service to bring the company into the 21st century. Mr. Morris loved the opportunity to work with local companies, sharing his knowledge of the industry with the needs of the customer to bring the right promotional product to meet the customer’s needs. As the oldest promotional products firm in Atlanta (and the southeast), Atlanta Novelty Company grew, incorporating as Atlanta Advertising Novelty Company. Salesmen were added, including Mr. Morris’ daughter, Margot, and son, Marc Jr. and attention was paid to continuing education and industry involvement as an early pioneer for the Promotional Products Association. Margot and Marc Sr. both carry the industry certification, Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS). Mr. Morris sold the company to his daughter, Margot Morris Dawkins in 1997. Mr. Morris has yet to retire at the age of 81 and is still a viable part of the company. Margot has continued primarily in sales and customer service, while controlling the day to day operation of a small business. She has led the company with pure enthusiasm and has won many industry awards for her creative customer ideas.

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